Whistler Bike Park

Trail Map and Guide

The #1 bike park in the world has a big reputation to uphold. Their industry-leading approach extends into some of the most utilitarian marketing assets around the resort.

Client: Whistler Bike Park
Services: Copywriting, Editing

Consistently ranked as the best and biggest mountain bike park in the world, Whistler Bike Park is at the forefront of the sport’s progression. While trail designs and athlete endorsements are distinguishing features of its fame, it’s often the small stuff that sets the groundwork for big change.

Take their trail map, for instance. The annual project is typically a straightforward ask of any resort: update the map with the most current mountain info. But trail maps are notoriously overloaded with too many details–a result of cramming utility information, key landmarks, promotional offers and legal notices into a pocket-sized field guide.

I worked with Origin Design to go beyond the client’s brief and make it even easier for guests to navigate the bike park, considering where / how maps are often used: on chairlifts or mid-trail and definitely with short attention spans. We established an organizational strategy and content hierarchy, simplifying the “digestibility” of the bike park’s essential info. The biggest outcome of our efforts resulted in a new labeling system for trail identification that has since been adopted by numerous other bike parks around the world.

The trail map is often (and especially) used by first-time visitors or beginner mountain bikers–many of whom prefer to figure the lay of the land on their own. The Origin team and I created a complementary orientation guide filled with a high-level overview of the Whistler Bike Park experience to help answer some of the most crucial questions that plague new downhill mountain bikers. We picked apart all the information we wish we had known when we first started mountain biking–trail descriptions, safety precautions, essential gear needs, tips and tricks and popular bike terms–and organized it into one of Whistler Bike Park’s strongest “silent sellers” to date.