Jay Peak Resort

Feedback Campaign

Guest feedback is at the front and center of Jay Peak Resort’s operations. In this case, it’s also front and center of their marketing.

Services: Concepting, Copywriting

Soliciting feedback is one of the oldest tricks to help improve your brand or product. Ranting or raving on social channels may help the average visitor, but the lack of depth often leaves brands wondering what they did (or didn’t do) right.

Overnight visitors to Jay Peak Resort are encouraged to submit a comprehensive guest survey after their stay, knowing that their insight can help reshape the resort’s daily and long-term operations and customer service. Some feedback, however, has a non-effect: weird or unhelpful comments that are, quite honestly, ungrounded. Nonetheless, Jay Peak wants it all.

The goal for this project was to hype up the feedback program and solicit more responses–however inane they might be. Fortunately, the wicked winters in Vermont have toughened up Jay Peak. Their thick skin set them up for a hilarious feedback campaign that reminded guests that as long as you dish it, you have to be okay to take it.